#85 – Fight for your right to mooch!


We already got some stupid laws, but they wants to make it for all spaces all the time now!

Humans, I need your help!


What do you mean I might never get to mooch off lead again?! We’ll kill each others!

Last week, I heard the most terrible news evers! The humans in charge of all the lovely places we likes to go to on our walks are planning a really stupid new law! You’re not going to believes this, but they wants to stop all doggies in Galway City from EVER being alloweds off the lead in publics!!! I mean reallies, can you think of a worse thing to come up withs?!


Even us old doggies likes a bit of freedom!

You might say that I’m an old doggie and I don’t really needs to run and play anymores, so it doesn’t affects me as much as the young doggies. This may be a little bittie true, but I still likes to mooch without being tied to the human.


Swimmings is definitely better off lead.

And I likes to go swimmings, which doesn’t work very well on a lead you know humans! It was tangly enough when we trieds putting a rope on the toy so I didn’t keep losing them! And how is a doggie meant to chase bubbles on a lead?! Getting over exciteds and leads do not go together very well, thank you all the same!

When I was still young and crazies, I know I would have gone insanes if I never got to play properlies – you humans are too slow to be tieds to all of the time!


Moochings is importants to keep doggies happies..

I asked the human why on earth would anyone want to come up with a stupid law likes that?! And she said she didn’t know, but that some peoples don’t like us doggies and think we shouldn’t be alloweds anywheres. And some people are afraid of us and think that we should stay at home in case they someday wants to walk along that little doggie walking place where you never meets anyone except people with doggies and gets scareds. I think that’s a selfish attitudes if you ask me! I mean, I’m scareds of horses, but I still admits that they should be alloweds to be outside and not lockeds away all day. I’ll just stay away from where they goes and that way everyone is happies.

I don’t know why peoples think that we need any more laws than those we got alreadies?


One doggie, walkings happily and listening to the human when she says “wait”.

There’s already a law that says that doggies have to be under the effective control of our humans when outside. That doesn’t mean on a lead, that just means that us doggies got to not bothers other peoples and doggies and come back to our humans and not run in front of cars and stuff. Sensible stuff like that, not: “Doggies got to be led along on a rope and never gets to play properlies unless their human owns a field.”.


Moochings happily. Bothering no ones.

I never bothers anyone when I’m out mooching off leads. I know we sometimes pass peoples who don’t like doggies, but guess what – I got no time for people who don’t likes me, so I just ignores them. I only say hello to nice people with other doggies.


Happy to be on lead when there’s lots of peoples.

The human puts me back on the lead when we walks past people with young kids, ’cause she knows they might be scareds (or I might be scareds!) and she puts the lead back on when we walks past other doggies on the lead alreadies, ’cause it’s not fair on the other doggie otherwise. And she keeps an eye on me and make sure she picks up my poos so other peoples don’t step in them.

So why do we needs more laws?!

And I haven’t even mentioneds the worst bit yet.
They say all what they calls dangerous breeds should never go anywheres at all, even on lead, except the pavement! There’s no such thing as dangerous breeds humans! All doggies is different!

It’s not even likes they enforces the laws they made alreadies. I know for a fact it’s illegals for a doggie to roam by himself, but we sees doggies doing it all of the time!


Please fight for my right to mooch!

So please lovely humans, tell the humans in charge that us doggies should get the chance to play and mooch and sniff and play ball off lead! Think of the youngsters coming up behind me if you don’t think of me…

PS: I know it’s been ages since I posted anythings, but that was the human’s fault, not mine. You see, when she’s finished with workings, she says she doesn’t feel like writings my stories for me, ’cause she’s been sitting in front of a computer all day alreadies. So I got no one to dictates to!

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A little movie about when I was rescueds!

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#84 – Busy life (and thinking about endings)


Helping at the Dogathon!

Hi all you lovely humans. I know I’m lates with updatings you all after my super duper collectings for the Dogathon and everything.


I loves you all humans!

First of all, I has to say a great big, big BIG thank you again, as I still can’t believes that I collecteds an amazing €1,565 in monies for my fellow MADRA dogs. That was three times more than I collecteds last year! I am feeling really proud and appreciateds and thanfuls thanks to you lovely humans.

One of the reasons I haven’t updateds earlier is ’cause I’m worn out with all of the events that I’ve been helping with.


The Dogathon was hard work!

First there was the Dogathon, which was lovelies.

I got to say hello to all my fans and meet lots of dogs, including lots and lots of lovely MADRA dogs with the lovely humans who adopteds them.

That bit is always nice, but exhaustings I can tell you. I had to have a nap half way just to get through the day, ’cause I’m not as young as I used to be.


Meeting lots of nice nurses with Bella, Stella and Radar.

Then last week, I helpeds by attending the IVNA Irish Veterinary Nurses Association conference in Salthill. I met lots of nice vet nurses there (I likes them all much better when they’re not pokings me like at the vet!) and got to hang out with my friends Bella and Stella and that mad blind looper of Edel’s, Radar.


Radar thinks everything is a chewy toy!

I has to admits I usually end up telling Radar off, ’cause he can be pretty annoyings.

And that day was no exception, but I has to admits that he has improveds a bit since the last time I met him. I only had to give out to him after a while, instead of right away like I used to.

You see, that dog has no manners at all. My ears are not chewy toys, you young whippersnapper!


Helping sell MADRA merchandise by showing how comfy the beds are!

So, all that was exhaustings and I’ve had to catch up on my sleep all week afterwards.


Honestly, I’m perfectly fines!

This weekend, the human had a bit of a scare about me and it’s left her feeling all sentimentals.

You see, it was time for Jade’s boosters at the vet, so the humans asked me if I wanteds to come, “just for the walk”, she saids.
Now, I never says no to a walk, so I said OK. I wasn’t so happy about it at the other end though, ’cause I remembereds that I don’t likes going to the vet.
Anyhows, the human tricked me, ’cause she said while I was there the vet might as well have a quick look at me and check why my legs are so ouchies latelies.

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit extra slow and ouchies and more like an old man latelies.

Jasper at vet.jpg

Wait a minute, I remembereds I hates the vet!

So next thing I know, I was up on that horrible examination table and the vet was doing uncomfortable things to my legs again.

That was fine with the human, but then the vet starteds poking my stomach and mutterings about big stomachs and possible water retention and listening to my heart.


I am in perfectly fine health as long as I takes it easy, thank you Mr Vet!

Now, I knows I feels perfectly OK apart from my legs being ouchy and so should the human, ’cause she sees that I’m perfectly happies when we’re not going for walkies.

But I could tell she was getting worrieds, even though she always tries to pretends that everything is just fine so I don’t get worrieds too.


Blood tests?! No thank you!

Anyhows, before you all gets worrieds too, my heart is just fine!

The human and the vet did agrees though that they’re going to give me some blood tests in July when I go in for my boosters, just to make sure my other bits are still working properlies too. I don’t likes the sound of that, especially after Jade told me about the horrible times she had when they tested her bloods! But the human tells me I am bravers and better behaveds than a cat and I got bigger veins too, so it won’t be so bad. I don’t know if I trusts her though… But I needs to help her stop worryings, so I guess I has to do it.

I also got to take these anti-inflammatories for a good bit now too, ’cause just taking all those supplements and natural stuff isn’t keeping me comfortable enough anymore. The human says she doesn’t like it, but it’s better than seeing me be extra ouchies.


Can you two smuggle me out your leftovers for me please?!

But the worst thing is that they decideds the big stomach bit was me getting fatters and the human telling me that from now on, there will be a zero tolerance policy in place towards stealing left over cat foods. I’ll probably starves now…


I know, I know, you loves me!

Anyhows, the human has been acting all over-sentimenatals ever since we went to the vet.

She’s been tellings me that she loves me (I knows that human, it’s hard to miss!) and that I am a good doggie (I knows that too..) and that she was really, really lucky to have had me in her life – I’m not dead yet human!

She also says I’m the best doggie she ever had, but I happen to know for a fact that I’m the only doggie she ever had, so that doesn’t mean as much as it might really!


Not more cuddles?!

But on the upside, she did decides that she needs to spoil me more while she got the chance. So I got a nice new teddy and a nine pack of bubbles!


Come on human, we still got lots and lots of fun to have before we goes anywhere!

And on Sunday she decideds that we deserveds a nice afternoon for just the two of us and we went swimmings in the Jasper chariot.
That’s more like it I says! You can keep all that sentimentals stuff, give me action instead.


Swimming like a two year old!

Anyhows, I proveds to her that my heart is just fine, thank you very much.


I could swim all day!

I swam non stop for half an hour and would happilies have swum for another half an hour, but the human said we hads to pace ourselves, ’cause we’re not as fit as we useds to be. Speak for yourself human –  I wasn’t even out of breath after!

Jasper chariot.jpg

A sensible conveyance for the older dog with no car!

The human has hardly taken the Jasper chariot out since we got it, ’cause she says that peoples laugh and give her funny looks and say stupid stuffs. But she says she’s going to ignores them in future, ’cause having a good time with your doggie while he’s still able is more importants than stupid peoples.

I got to say I agrees with her there!


There’s no point in worryings about stuff you can’t do anything about human!

Anyhows, I don’t know how long I’ll lives, but apart from my legs I feel just fine, so I reckons I could keep on going for a long, long time yet.

But I knows one thing, worryings about it is not going to help at all.

So I’m just going to enjoy myself and carry on having as many good times as I can for as long as I can.

After all, we could all drop deads in the morning at any time, so there’s no point worryings, ’cause we could all lives to be twenty (or a hundreds for you humans) as well. It’s all luck in the end…

Human, you know I loves you too, but you also knows I don’t goes in for all that smoochy stuffs!

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#85 – The price of fame



Thank you all lovely humans for sponsoring me!

Hello humans, first of all I wants to say a great big, big, BIG thank you to all of you who sponsoreds me for the Dogathon and helpeds me reach my target with three weeks to go.

I’ve been asking my human if she thinks it would sounds greedies if I ups my target and tries for a thousand monies instead of six hundreds. I don’t think it does, but the human often tells me that us doggies have no sense of proportions when it comes to stuff like eatings, ’cause we’re nearly all greedies. So maybe it’s the same with collecting monies? So I thought I’d better ask.


Beggings is OK if you does it for other people.

The human said it was OK though, ’cause I’m doing it for other dogs, not myself and I might as well tries it. But she said I better tell you one of my super duper lovely adventures to thanks you all for being so generous and lovelies.


Gardening is really hard work!

I don’t have very much exciting stuff to talk about really, but I have been pretty busy latelies doing household stuffs. See the weather got better and my grand human has started workings in the garden again, which is pretty exhaustings I can tells you. She keeps complainings about me barkings too much when I helps her, but I think she’s exaggeratings again. I only barks a teeny, tiny little bitty here and there…

And with this nice weather, me and my human have been going on extra long moochy walkies again, without the human getting all grumpies and moanings about being cold and wet and stuff.


Moochings all the way!

On Sunday we had a really lovely one, two hours of sniffings every single bittie we passed by! And the human let me and only started complainigns about my being too slow and wantings to get home because she was hungries and neededs to go pee at the very end. Human, you’re completely confused about peeings – you’re meant to pee OUTSIDE on your walk, not wait until you get home again! If someone could explain this to my human, so she’ll stop moanings, I’d be very gratefuls indeed.

Would you believe she had the nerve to say that watching me pee every two minutes only made it worse?!


Maybe if I hides here she won’t make me have a bath…

Anyhow, all that was lovely, but then came the downside of fame…
The human said if I was collecting monies and showing my face all over the place, I’d better look nice and clean and brusheds so people wouldn’t think she was neglectings me. She said my spring bath was way overdues and I was filthies.

There’s no arguings when she makes up her mind about stuff like that, so I tried to hides instead…


I think I’ll pee on your shoes…

So, there I was, hidings under the table and I got dragged out and carried into the bath tub. Then, to add insult to injuries, the human took pictures of me ’cause she said I lookeds so depressed it was funny?! Sometimes I hates the human…


Gotta shake off the shampoo stinky!

Horrible stinky shampoo all over…


The things a little dog has to put up with…

Then it was dryings off, which isn’t too bad, but then the human put the towel coat on me. So I thought I might as well lay down and dies…


Jade even came to sit next to me ’cause she felt sorry for me!


You owes me big time humans!

So that ruineds my weekend really – all the kennel dogs better appreciates all of the sacrifices I makes for them!


Still, I did get rewardeds with a nice chewy at the end, so life isn’t that bad!


Don’t forgets you can still sponsors me for the Dogathon.

Jasper’s Begging Bowl

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Happy 9th Gotcha Day!


The humans say I just keep getting better lookings!

It’s 9 whole years today since I first came to live with the humans! (You can read the story of my first day HERE in case you missed it .)
That was a really, really good day and I always says thank you to Marina when I sees her for bringing me to such a nice home. Well, I says always, but I’m embarrasseds to admit I was a bit ungratefuls towards her for a long, long time.

You see, every time I saw her in the beginnings, I was always afraid she would bring me back to the kennels and I didn’t wants that of course. So I used to avoids her a bit when I met her. I know she knows that it wasn’t ’cause I didn’t likes her, but I still feels embarrasseds about it. Nowadays of course I know the humans would never let anyone takes me away and I says hello properlies when I see her.


Life is full of good times since I got rescueds

I owes a lot to MADRA you know, ’cause in 2007 when I was rescueds, MADRA was just starting up and only rescueds 78 dogs that year! They hadn’t starteds working with the County pounds properlies yet and over half of the dogs who endeds up there was killeds! 405 dogs were killeds in the Galway County pounds in 2007 alones… That’s a lot of doggies who never got to be as luckies as me… And it was mostly Marina’s hard work back then, although of course nowadays there’s loads and loads of more people who helps, ’cause no one could manage to rescue over 750 dogs a year by themselves!


Thank you very much nice MADRA humans!

And they’re all wonderfuls and I wants to give them all a big, big, BIG lick for helpings us doggies. And I’m really proud and happies that I gets to help a teeny, tiny little bitty too by showing everybody how wonderfuls us rescue doggies can be.

Jasper bucket.jpg

Help me help my fellow MADRA doggies please and thank yous!

Of course, all of those doggies needs a lot of monies spent on them, which is why I’m collectings monies for MADRA again this year by getting people to sponsors me for the Dogathon. If any of you good peoples wants to help by donatings to my fundraiser, I would be most gratefuls and will send you a big virtual lick!

You can donates to it here: Jasper’s begging bowl


Cardboard box, treats and toys – heaven!

PS: The human told me I wasn’t getting any new toys for my Gotcha Day unless I gave away my old ones, ’cause I got too many alreadies. But guess, what I found today?!
She even hid treats in with my presents and it was lots and lots and lots of fun.

cat on bed.jpg

Excuse me, bed thief!

And I even got a new bed from Geraldine (thank you Geraldine!), but Jade said it wasn’t fair that she never got a Gotcha Day and stole it! It’s not my faulty if she just sneakeds in and never left and no one can remembers when her Gotcha Day is ’cause they didn’t actually decides to get her like they did me…

pano 2016.jpg

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#83 – St Patrick’s Day at the Beach


I loves the beach!

It was the most unusual of thingies today, a nice and sunny St Patrick’s Day! Usually it always rains on St Patrick’s Day in Galway.

So we decideds that an excursion was in order and set out to go on a lovely trip to the beach today.


Stupid law punishing all the good doggies and owners just ’cause of some stupid owners not taking care of their dogs properlies!

I haven’t been in years, ’cause us doggies aren’t alloweds on the beach when the weather is nice usuallies and it’s too far for me to walk since I ouchieds my legs. So we’d have to go for a long time and have a long rest before goings home, which means we need a really nice day so we don’t freeze or gets soaked.



The Jasper chariot means I gets to go places that are too far for me. You can use it on a bike too, but we’re too scareds of the traffic for that!

But now I got my Jasper chariot, I can rest in that and still have energy for the beach too, even though it’s still no fun in the rain.



I loves a good game of frisbee!

Anyhow, it was lovelies and we had a great time. We played Frisbees and it was lovely fun and I even wadeds in and got it from the water, but only as far as my ankles, ’cause it may have been sunny, but it isn’t exactly summer yet!



You see that little purple thing all the way over there? That’s my Frisbee!

Would you believe, the human threw it too far into the water and then expecteds me to go all the way in to get it?!

I said: “No way, it’s too far!“.

So the human had to take off her shoes and socks and roll up her trousers and wades over to get it.

It’s freezing Jasper!“, she says.

Why do you think I didn’t gets it?!“, I says.


Some peoples are just moaners!

But just to show that I don’t leaves peoples to fetch the Frisbee all alones like some peoples I could name, I walks all the way over with her.

And would you believes, she gives out to me again?!

She says:” If you was going over anyhows, you could have got the frisbee without me and saved me getting my feet all cold and wet and covereds in sand!”

Some people just got no appreciation at all!


I guess I should thank the human for taking me out even if she did nearly lose my Frisbee.



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#82 – Silly myths about doggies – Part 2


I swear, sometimes I despairs of humans…

#2 Dogs need a big garden to be happies

Would you believes, that people often use this as an excuse to get rid of their doggies?! It’s the myth that us doggies needs a big garden to play in and needs to be rehomed if they gets too big for it?! I swear, I’m not making this stuff up, some peoples really and truly wants to rehome their doggie because it got “too big for the garden?!” Maybe they adopteds an elephant instead of a puppy by mistakes?!


I think I’ll wait til later to pee…

I must admits a garden is handies, ‘caue otherwise you has to bring the humans out on a lead everytimes you need to pee and that can get annoyings. Especiallies if you got an upset stomach at 3am and you really has to go this minute! The humans don’t likes going outside in their pyjamas…

And it’s really nice to be able to sit in the sun on a nice day, I likes having a garden when it’s sunny. And I loves helping the humans in the garden when they’re doing stuff, so I got a lot of garden balls out there to help with workings in the garden.


What, go outside by myself, are you kiddings?!

But, just between you and me, I have no interest whatsoevers in being outside on my own. Nope, I did enough of that when I was lost and starvings and freezing before I got rescued. Never again I says!

So, unless the humans comes out with me, I never spend more than 5 minutes in the garden to do my business and then have a quick sniff at the gate and then I asks to be let back in again.

You see, us doggies don’t exercises ourselves when we’re left outside, we mostly sit around waiting for the humans to come back again. The garden is kind of borings too, ’cause there are no new smellies.

Some doggies gets so bored outside they barks and barks all day just to give themselves something to do. There’s some doggies like that behind me and boy do I feel sorries for them! (And the humans who lives close to them… )


Walkings is much more interestings than being stuck in the garden.

My garden is pretty tinies (and muddies after this winter), but I can manages just fine, ’cause the humans takes me on a nice walk EVERY day like they’re supposed to. That’s where I gets my exercises and my brain gets to be busy and enjoy new smellies and sights and stuff AND I gets to meet other dogs and peoples.


Lovely big field for playings and sniffings.

I’m very luckies, because apart from having good humans, I also lives near a nice big green field for playing fetch in, which is much more fun than playing it in my tiny garden, ’cause you can run and roll and stuff. That’s not so important nowadays, but when I was a youngster, I used to spend half an hour playing non stop fetch before I even started my proper walk, ’cause I had lots and lots of energies. And of course we always did trainings as well, ’cause I needed lots of mental exercises too. So I was a traineds and tireds doggie and that means a good doggie who doesn’t wreck your house.

One of my friends I used to meet didn’t have a garden at all and he was a huge doggie – I think he was a Labrador mixed with a horse. His human walkeds him a couple of times a day and he was perfectly happies and well behaveds. Much, much happier than if he’d been left outside all day on his own boreds stupid anyhow!


Lucky to have good humans willing to walk me even if they complains about my moochings…

So, gardens don’t matters at all, it’s having humans that cares enough about you to make sure you’re happies that’s the important bit. Sadly lots of doggies still haven’t got that, so if you’re a doggie who does, don’t forgets to appreciate how lucky you are and give the humans a big lick.

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#81 – Silly myths about doggies – Part 1


How on earth do they think of this stuff?!

Some humans believes the silliest things about us doggies. I mean, things that don’t makes no sense AT ALL. Some of them are so silly that you just has to laughs at them, but some of them actually harms us doggies. So I thought I’d do up a list of some of the silliest and explains why they’re wrong. I’m starting with this one.

#1 -Letting your dog sit on the furniture makes them dominants


You can be the boss if I can be the doggie who sits on the comfy chair!

This one is some weird crackpots theory that us doggies will try and boss everythings if we ever gets to sit on the same level or higher than the humans. Peoples who believes this also often believes that you should never sit on the floor with your doggie neithers, ’cause you’re putting yourself on the same level as us and next thing you know, we’ll be plotting to take over the world and bullyings the humans.


I likes borrowing the human’s bed sometimes ’cause it’s comfies.

I’m sorry humans, but this kind of thing says more about you humans than us doggies!
Life in the doggie world is not some big Olympics competition with everyone gradeds in order of who gets to bullies who and a winner’s podium thingie where we all gets to sit on different steps accordings to how big bullies we are. Life in the doggie world is all about respectings and toleratings each other, not bullyings.


Most of us doggies manages to get along without worryings about who is the boss.

OK, there are some bully dogs, just like there are some bully humans. But most of us gets along or ignores each other, we don’t always worry every second of every minute of every hour of every day about who gets to be the boss like some of you humans seems to.


Humans can be awfully annoyings, so you has to go and hide a lot, but showing you’re annoyeds isn’t being dominants…

That doesn’t mean you can’t have problems around dogs sitting on furniture. Because couches and beds are SUPER comfies and doggies can get a bit mean and stingies and not want to share, just like you humans do. And if you’re all sitting together so close, it’s easier to annoy each other, especially ’cause you humans can be so super annoyings at times and ignores all our signals.


Us doggies understands about needing your own bed.

So you got to have some rules. Like teaching your dog to get off when you tells them to. And it’s OK to never, ever let your doggie on the furniture if you doesn’t want to. We understands stuff like that. I mean, I don’t likes sharing my bed either, so I understands how the humans likes their own space too. But if you do want to let your dog sit on your furniture, don’t worries about it. You can have a happy, well behaved doggies even if they sit on the couch with you.


King of the stairs 😉

Anyone who ever met a little Jack Russell must realises that this one is just plain wrong. I mean, little doggies are down lower than pretty much everythings and they still thinks they’re in charge of all the bigger doggies and the humans! And it’s not ’cause they can climbs so well…

Us doggies don’t spend our days with a measuring tape, seeing who’s standing higher than the other person. We just does what works for us and tries to get away with as much as we can.


Consistency is key humans!

The only thing to remember is that us doggies need consistencies. So if you don’t want your doggie on the bed, NEVER let them on the bed. Us doggies get confused if you keep changing your mind all the time!


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2015 in review

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 10,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

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#80 – Walkings with the boring human.

Go out with you? No thanks!

Go out with you? No thanks!

I am never ever, going out with the boring human ever again!
I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioneds the boring human before? You see, my human has a brother who hardly ever does anything interestings with me at all. He seems to spend most of his life starings at that boring computer thingie and he can be really grumpies if you interrupts him in the middle of whatever he is doing. And worst of all, the big meanie never, ever, EVERS gives me anything when he’s eatings. Not even when I try my biggest, saddest eyes on him. Sheer meanness I calls it!

The boring human could be a super fun human if he trieds!

The boring human could be a super fun human if he trieds!

It’s a pity, ’cause he could be really, really fun if he trieds just a little bit. ‘Cause he plays the best tuggies evers and can be really fun when he wants to, but he hardly ever does.

I guess I could go for a walk with you for a change...

I guess I could go for a walk with you for a change…

But anyhows, my own human was sick last week and had to stay in bed, so the boring human said he’d take me for a walk for a change. I thought it was quite an exciting idea, ’cause we hadn’t been out together in years and years. So I thought walkings with the boring human might actually be fun and interestings and I was happies to go.
How wrong I was!

It was fun at first!

It was fun at first!

OK, it started out just fine, with the boring human bringing my toy and playing with me. But he’d not gone out with me in so long, that he hadn’t realised that I’m an older doggie now and can’t chase around like crazies after a toy all day anymore. So I got it five times, but then I needed to stop and have a rest.

Time for a mooch!

Time for a mooch!

So I decideds to have a nice mooch instead. My human and even the grand human appreciates that I’m old and lets me mooch. But not the boring human – would you believe, he had this idea that I should walks fast and not mooch.

Being herded like a sheep!

Being herded like a sheep!

And he didn’t just stand there and calls me or anything. The big meanie decideds to crowd me every time I stopped by walking really close behind me and loomings over me so I had to keep walkings. I mean the indignity, herded along like a sheep! The nerve of that human.

Needs a rest!

Needs a rest!

So I had to hurries along with a human crowding me all the way and me not getting to sniff anyone properlies. It was more like torture than a fun walkie if you asks me.
We went for ages too, so by the time we got home again I was exhausteds. And by that evening, I was so stiff from all that hurrying that I could hardly walk.

That's the last time I ever lets you take me out on a walk!

That’s the last time I ever lets you take me out on a walk!

That’s the last time I ever goes out with that boring human. Next time my human is sick, I’ll just stay at home and look after her instead.

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