My 7th Gotcha day story


My story

Jasper today

Me today

Today is my 7th Gotcha day, it was a very lucky day for me and the humans says it was a lucky day for them too, cause I’m the best dog they’ve could possibly have gots. So I thought I’d tells you the story of how I first cames to live with my humans.

Jasper first week

This was me when I first cames.

I was only a pupster of just six months. I was lost befores I cames to MADRA, I can’t quite remembers, cause it was a bad, bad time, but I think I was dumpeds. I just knows I was left in a graveyards for days and days when I was only 5 months old.

I was waiting for the humans to comes back and look afters me, but they never dids. I remembers I was colds and very, very hungry and scared and lonelies. Finally, a nice human took me and founds me a place in MADRA and they gaves me good food and a nice warm place to sleep, so I was much happiers.

They didn’t really have much times for me though, as there were lots and lots of doggies there and they all neededs a bit of attention, not just me. I realised that and didn’t minds. No one had ever been really nice to me befores, so I was happy with any little bit of niceness I did gets.

One day, Marina said: “Come on Jasper, you’re going to your new home today!”. I wasn’t sure what that’s meant, but it sounded OK. I had to travel a long, long way into town in the van and I didn’t likes that, cause I starts feeling sick and gets scared. Finally, we gots to the new place, I was feeling sick and miserables by then and a bit scared. Marina openeds the door for me and there was another human. Marina said: “Well, this is him, do you likes him?” and the human said: “He’s lovely, I LOVE his ears!”.

Japser profile

Me 7 years ago

So we all went into the house and I was a bit scared, but the humans seemed nice. Marina showed the humans how to makes me sit and stuff and there was sausage, so I was starting to likes it. She tried to shows the humans that they could play with me with toys, but I didn’t know what toys was for, so I just looked at her. Marina said she was going to leave me there for a week, to see if we all likeds each other and if we did, I could be adopteds.

Jasper 2007

I was still  mostly black back then!

Then she left me with the humans and they let me haves a nice look arounds to see if I liked its. Every now and again they’d calls me back and I’d come runnings and sit in front of them cause I’d learneds in the kennels that the humans likes it if you sits nicely for them.

Jasper and his toy

One of my first toys

Then I found a nice little teddy toy and trieds shaking it and that was my first playing evers! After that, I trieds to play with everything and it was lots of fun! (I think the humans were a bit worrieds I’d play with all their stuff for a whiles after that, but I soon learned what I was allowed to haves and that their stuff was no.)

That evening, I climbed in the humans lap and sniffed them all real good, cause I wanted to makes sure I’d recognise them always.

Jasper playing

I loveds having humans to play with me!

We did lots of playing and cuddling and fun walks all week and I loved its, but I still wasn’t sure if I was going to gets to stay for evers. I used to collect all the really nice stuffs and put it in a big pile on the kitchen floor, so I could brings it in case I hads to go back to the kennels again.

After a week, Marina came backs to check on me and I thought she was coming to take me back to the kennels, so I went and hid in the utility room! But she was only coming to bring me to the vets to be neutered and to make sure the humans were being nice enough to me. I thought she was taking me away for good and I was really unhappys. But when I woke up agains, she brought me back to the humans and boy was I glad to see them! The humans said they definitely wanted to keep me and I was really, really happy then!

Jasper playing

Me and my squeaky bottle, it was lots of noise and fun!

When I realised I was staying, I decided I didn’t needs to be quite as good as I was up to then, cause the humans were stuck with mes. So we had some fun times for a bit, until I calmed down agains!

Jasper aged six and a half

The humans say I get better l0oking every single year!

I’ve been here ever since and the humans are the bestes humans I could haves and they say I’m the bestes doggie they could haves, so we’re all happies! If it wasn’t for MADRA, we’d never have founds each others and I’d probably not be arounds today to tells you my story. That’s why the humans and me helps out with MADRA whenever we can, cause the humans say every other dog out there is able to be as special as me (well, nearlies!), if only they gets a chance at a home as good as mine is!

You can find your bestest dog ever at MADRA too:


4 Responses to My 7th Gotcha day story

  1. Mary Williams says:

    Loved Jasper’s story and think his language is fab!!

  2. Mary says:

    Oh Jasper you is one lucky (and handsome) dog! Lovely story.

  3. Annie Kennedy says:

    What a gorgeous story and good on you Jasper, your a very handsome gent, saw you in the St. Patricks day parade, you were brill.x

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