Welcome to Jasper’s Training Tips

Welcome humans!

Welcome humans!

Hello humans and doggies

I’m Jasper – I’m a rescue doggie living in Ireland and I was rescued by Mutts Anonymous Dog Rescue and Adoption here in Galway. I was adopteds long ago and and I’m going to help your doggies gets to be just as good as me by sharing some human and dog trainings wisdoms I’ve learned over the years. I knows that many, many of the my rescue dog buddies ends up being abandoneds and dumpeds (just like I was longs ago), just because no one ever taught them hows to behave like good doggies. Us dogs aren’t born as perfects as me you knows, it takes lots and lots of works by doggie and humans boths!

You can get more information about MADRA on their website HERE


1 Response to Welcome to Jasper’s Training Tips

  1. Laura says:

    HI Jasper, woof to meet you! I’m Bonnie a rescue dog who lives in Ireland too (well up North anyway!). I can’t wait to read your tips so I can get even more opportunities for treats from my mum – we love our training too 🙂

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