Visiting a new vet


I haven’t been able to enjoy my walkies as much as I used to ’cause my legs ALL hurt now…

Just between you and me, I got to admits I tries to like everybodies, but I hates the vets.
Not the peoples so much, ’cause they’re OK and I says hello properlies when I meet them any place but a vet practice. But I hates all of the pokings and proddings and I especially hates when they have to do operations on me.

I know, I know, they only do it to helps me, but it’s still scary and horribles and I has to stay there without the human too.


Vets are scaries…

I’ve gone to the same vet for evers and evers, ever since I got adopteds, but I’ve been feeling extra ouchies latelies, so the human decideds to bring me to a new special vet who knows all about bones to see if they could help me feel a bit betters.

You see, it used to be just my back legs, but in the last few years my front legs have gotten to feel ouchier and ouchier too and now I got really bad in the last few months. Which is no fun at all!


I loves the Geraldine human!

So, the human took the day off work, which was a nice start to the day. And then I got to go in the car with the wonderfuls Geraldine human. I likes her lots and lots, ’cause she’s really nice and always brings me fun places and gives me lovely snackies. She’s my third favourite human next to my human and grand-human and I always gets excited when she comes to see me.


This is what I think of vets…

So she drove me and my human all the way across town to the new vet. I didn’t realise that was where we was going, so I wasn’t worrieds. And even when we got there, I didn’t realise it was a vet, I thought it was just an interesting place where we got to sit and say hello to peoples. We always did lots of stuff like that for MADRA, so I’m used to it and didn’t think it was strange or get worrieds.

So everything was fine until the new vet came out and said – “Bring Jasper in please”. I realised right away that he was a vet, ’cause, just between you and me, all vets smell funny!

I got scareds then and tried to leave, so the human had to carry me in.

But it wasn’t so bad, the vet did the usual pokings and proddings and moving my legs to see if they creaks (they does, I could have told him that for nothings!), but he was very gentle about it.


You owes me big time human.

The worst bit was he decideds to take my bloods again, ’cause he wants the human to give me the anti-ouchie-inflammatory drug every single day instead of every other day and we need to make sure that my organs are still OK first. ‘Cause the human worries about giving it to me too much, ’cause it can have side effects like stomach problems and kidney damages and stuff. Which doesn’t sound nice, but I feel just fines on it and it’s better than having ouchy legs.

And would you believes, he took me into another room to take my bloods?! Away from my human! In my usual vets, the human always gets to stay with me unless they’re doing an operation, so I can tell you I was pretty worrieds! But it was OK, I’m tough so I don’t mind having bloods taken and then I got to go back to the human.


I’m not fat, honestly, just nicely covereds!

The very worst thing is that the vet said I am absolutely, definitely, not “just a little bit flabbies”, but overweights and I got to lose lots and lots and lots of weight ’cause I’ll feel much, much better if I does. He said I should ideallies be a bit underweight and the human says that means losing at least 4 KILOS! She says this time she’s going to shout at all the other humans if they gives me extra snackies and I’m not going to be alloweds any more treats at all. ‘Cause my human is really meanies about feeding me proper foods, but I sneaks in and steals the cat food and begs the bits that gets me fatters. Plus I’m not getting that much exercises any more, so I’m not burning any fattie bits off.

The vet said it was 100% most important to get the weight off if the human wants me to be more comfortables, ’cause dogs carry 65% of their weight on their front legs and the more weight I have, the more my legs will get ouchies. And if I’m a bit underweight, my arthritis will get better too.

So I think my sneaking around and beggings days are over for good…


It’s OK human, I forgives you!

My human is feelings a bit guilty and embarrasseds now, ’cause she’s always known I shouldn’t get fats, especially with ouchy legs. And she’s sorry now she wasn’t stricter with me and the other humans and kept telling herself that I was only a little bittie bit flabbies rather than really fat.

You see, when you lives with a few people, it’s easy for a clever doggie like me to begs off them all without the other humans realising. I know who’s the best targets for beggings at and everythings…

So, I think I’ll be starvings soon, ’cause all of the humans will refuse to feeds me if they knows I really am fatties.

So I’m not sure if I likes this new vets any better than the old vets, but I admits that I will be much happiers if my legs get betters… And the human says that’s the most important thingie, not my getting to eat snackies all day. I guess she got a point…


I wonder could a beg a bittie off of those poeple?

And at least we got to go for a nice treat after the vet, ’cause we drove out and had lunch by the sea side to make up for having such a hard mornings. The mean humans would only give me bits of salad and not the fatty stuff though – even when I trieds woofing at them…

But I did get a new teddy to makes up for having such a hard day too, so it wasn’t all bad!


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here:
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