#84 – Busy life (and thinking about endings)


Helping at the Dogathon!

Hi all you lovely humans. I know I’m lates with updatings you all after my super duper collectings for the Dogathon and everything.


I loves you all humans!

First of all, I has to say a great big, big BIG thank you again, as I still can’t believes that I collecteds an amazing €1,565 in monies for my fellow MADRA dogs. That was three times more than I collecteds last year! I am feeling really proud and appreciateds and thanfuls thanks to you lovely humans.

One of the reasons I haven’t updateds earlier is ’cause I’m worn out with all of the events that I’ve been helping with.


The Dogathon was hard work!

First there was the Dogathon, which was lovelies.

I got to say hello to all my fans and meet lots of dogs, including lots and lots of lovely MADRA dogs with the lovely humans who adopteds them.

That bit is always nice, but exhaustings I can tell you. I had to have a nap half way just to get through the day, ’cause I’m not as young as I used to be.


Meeting lots of nice nurses with Bella, Stella and Radar.

Then last week, I helpeds by attending the IVNA Irish Veterinary Nurses Association conference in Salthill. I met lots of nice vet nurses there (I likes them all much better when they’re not pokings me like at the vet!) and got to hang out with my friends Bella and Stella and that mad blind looper of Edel’s, Radar.


Radar thinks everything is a chewy toy!

I has to admits I usually end up telling Radar off, ’cause he can be pretty annoyings.

And that day was no exception, but I has to admits that he has improveds a bit since the last time I met him. I only had to give out to him after a while, instead of right away like I used to.

You see, that dog has no manners at all. My ears are not chewy toys, you young whippersnapper!


Helping sell MADRA merchandise by showing how comfy the beds are!

So, all that was exhaustings and I’ve had to catch up on my sleep all week afterwards.


Honestly, I’m perfectly fines!

This weekend, the human had a bit of a scare about me and it’s left her feeling all sentimentals.

You see, it was time for Jade’s boosters at the vet, so the humans asked me if I wanteds to come, “just for the walk”, she saids.
Now, I never says no to a walk, so I said OK. I wasn’t so happy about it at the other end though, ’cause I remembereds that I don’t likes going to the vet.
Anyhows, the human tricked me, ’cause she said while I was there the vet might as well have a quick look at me and check why my legs are so ouchies latelies.

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit extra slow and ouchies and more like an old man latelies.

Jasper at vet.jpg

Wait a minute, I remembereds I hates the vet!

So next thing I know, I was up on that horrible examination table and the vet was doing uncomfortable things to my legs again.

That was fine with the human, but then the vet starteds poking my stomach and mutterings about big stomachs and possible water retention and listening to my heart.


I am in perfectly fine health as long as I takes it easy, thank you Mr Vet!

Now, I knows I feels perfectly OK apart from my legs being ouchy and so should the human, ’cause she sees that I’m perfectly happies when we’re not going for walkies.

But I could tell she was getting worrieds, even though she always tries to pretends that everything is just fine so I don’t get worrieds too.


Blood tests?! No thank you!

Anyhows, before you all gets worrieds too, my heart is just fine!

The human and the vet did agrees though that they’re going to give me some blood tests in July when I go in for my boosters, just to make sure my other bits are still working properlies too. I don’t likes the sound of that, especially after Jade told me about the horrible times she had when they tested her bloods! But the human tells me I am bravers and better behaveds than a cat and I got bigger veins too, so it won’t be so bad. I don’t know if I trusts her though… But I needs to help her stop worryings, so I guess I has to do it.

I also got to take these anti-inflammatories for a good bit now too, ’cause just taking all those supplements and natural stuff isn’t keeping me comfortable enough anymore. The human says she doesn’t like it, but it’s better than seeing me be extra ouchies.


Can you two smuggle me out your leftovers for me please?!

But the worst thing is that they decideds the big stomach bit was me getting fatters and the human telling me that from now on, there will be a zero tolerance policy in place towards stealing left over cat foods. I’ll probably starves now…


I know, I know, you loves me!

Anyhows, the human has been acting all over-sentimenatals ever since we went to the vet.

She’s been tellings me that she loves me (I knows that human, it’s hard to miss!) and that I am a good doggie (I knows that too..) and that she was really, really lucky to have had me in her life – I’m not dead yet human!

She also says I’m the best doggie she ever had, but I happen to know for a fact that I’m the only doggie she ever had, so that doesn’t mean as much as it might really!


Not more cuddles?!

But on the upside, she did decides that she needs to spoil me more while she got the chance. So I got a nice new teddy and a nine pack of bubbles!


Come on human, we still got lots and lots of fun to have before we goes anywhere!

And on Sunday she decideds that we deserveds a nice afternoon for just the two of us and we went swimmings in the Jasper chariot.
That’s more like it I says! You can keep all that sentimentals stuff, give me action instead.


Swimming like a two year old!

Anyhows, I proveds to her that my heart is just fine, thank you very much.


I could swim all day!

I swam non stop for half an hour and would happilies have swum for another half an hour, but the human said we hads to pace ourselves, ’cause we’re not as fit as we useds to be. Speak for yourself human –  I wasn’t even out of breath after!

Jasper chariot.jpg

A sensible conveyance for the older dog with no car!

The human has hardly taken the Jasper chariot out since we got it, ’cause she says that peoples laugh and give her funny looks and say stupid stuffs. But she says she’s going to ignores them in future, ’cause having a good time with your doggie while he’s still able is more importants than stupid peoples.

I got to say I agrees with her there!


There’s no point in worryings about stuff you can’t do anything about human!

Anyhows, I don’t know how long I’ll lives, but apart from my legs I feel just fine, so I reckons I could keep on going for a long, long time yet.

But I knows one thing, worryings about it is not going to help at all.

So I’m just going to enjoy myself and carry on having as many good times as I can for as long as I can.

After all, we could all drop deads in the morning at any time, so there’s no point worryings, ’cause we could all lives to be twenty (or a hundreds for you humans) as well. It’s all luck in the end…

Human, you know I loves you too, but you also knows I don’t goes in for all that smoochy stuffs!


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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