#58 – Weight and stuff

Sorry no training tips latelies. The human has been extra busy and has hardly got time to walk and play with me, so I didn’t likes to ask her to let me dictates as well.

Poor Osky has been ouchies too.

Poor Osky has been ouchies too.

My cat brother Oskar has been ouchy with his eye too, he had to go to the vet three times already and get lots of injections and stuff and have eye drops and tablets, so the humans is worrieds about him instead of me at the moment. Well, if the attention involves vets and pokings, Osky is welcomes to it!

The humans says I'm getting slower and losing my middle...

The humans says I’m getting slower and losing my middle…

The worst thing is that the humans decideds to bring me along with Oskar to one of the vet visits, ’cause they have this stupid idea it’s good for me just to visit without anything bad happenings. Well, I HATES going to the vet even if it is just for the walk. ‘Cause I don’t trusts the humans even when they tell me nothing is going to happen this time. I’m really, really scaredy at the vets all the time we’re waiting to go in. I’m so scareds I don’t even want treats and anyone who’s met me will know that’s not like me AT ALL! And something bad did happen, the humans put me on the scales and then told me they knew it! They say I have got fatters and that they will have to cut back my portion sizes again ’cause I gained a whole Kilo! That’s really, really bad news for me, ’cause I don’t likes being on a diet.

You can't be serious, I'm perfects like I am!

What do you mean, no more snackies?!

The humans say that being fatty, even a little bit, is really, really bad for a doggie with ouchy knees like me, ’cause it puts lots of extra stresses on the joints and makes them even ouchier. So they say I need to stop beggings and stealing the cat food when the humans back is turned and eat less dinner! It’s just not fair, I likes being fat! I has to admit that I’ve been feeling a little bitty extra ouchy latelies, but I blames the bad weather… The humans say it would be really bad for my heart and other organs too (whatever they ares!) and I wouldn’t be ables to go for proper walks or run or play ball if I was really fat. Apparentlies lots and lots of doggies are too fat these days and some breeds like Labradors are fat so often, that people thinks the not fat dogs look like they’re starvings when they’re really just perfects! I’m only a doggie and we can’t understand stuff like eating too much making us fatty. I mean, a lot of humans don’t even seem to understand that one, so how is a doggie meant to figures it out?

I heard of some doggies only eating enough to keep them alives and not looking for more, but I think they’re not proper doggies at all. I think they must be cats or something instead! Us proper doggies just likes to eat and will do anything for food. We don’t know how to be sensibles about eating enough to not get fat, so the humans have to help us. The humans says this can be hard, because us doggies are so good at big eyes and some humans is too soft. But the humans have to be strong for us, ’cause we doggies aren’t always sensibles when we’re feeling greedies! My own human is kinda mean that way, but I have other humans in my family who always falls for the big eyes, so I usually does OK. The human says they always gives me less dinner to makes up for me beggings, but I says that I have to begs to make up for not enough dinner!

I have to stay in bed and rest more 'cause I'm weak from not enough food!

I have to stay in bed and rest more ’cause I’m weak from not enough food!

Anyhow, I suspect that I’m going to be too weak to be able to write much soon if the mean human keeps this up. She says no more snackies until I loses that Kilo! The humans say it’s better to be a bit too thin than too fat. I’m still not sure, but I do trusts my human cause they looks after me really, really good. (I still tries and sneaks in and steal the cat food if I get a chance though!) I really don’t wants to, but here’s a linkie… http://drsophiayin.com/blog/entry/is-your-dog-fit-or-fat-learn-how-to-body-condition-score-him


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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1 Response to #58 – Weight and stuff

  1. Kate Mackey says:

    ah, little Jasp, don’t fret you look handsome, a kilo is 2.2 lbs you’ll knock that off quick. It’s good that your “human” watches out for you, did you tell them you may have had an extra bit of weight on from all the calendars you had stashed in your coat pocket? didn’t work, well don’t fret Jasp, us humans have to watch it too especially with ouchie knees. A big hug and kiss for you and your cat bros and I hear you on the vet.

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