#45 – Keeping happies

Being happies is easy if you're a dog with good humans.

Being happies is easy if you’re a dog with good humans.

The humans get easily worrieds and upsets and thinks too much about things and then ends up stressed and unhappies.

Us doggies know it’s easy to be happiess, ’cause us doggies are smart. We don’t spend time worryings about stuff we can’t help.

We might worries while the bad stuff is happenings, but when it’s overs, we just forgets all about it and goes back to just having a good time.

I had some bad, bad times in my life, like when I was dumpeds and when I had to have the big, big operations to fix my knees. But the minute they was over, I was happies again. Cause there was chewies to be cheweds, smells to be smelleds, nice comfie beds to sleep on, games to be playeds and lovely walks to go on with the humans.

So, here’s my Guide to being a happy doggie:

Spending time with the poeple you cares about is importants!

Spending time with the poeple you cares about is importants!

1) Spend time with the people you care about

Doggies are pack animals. This means that we likes to be with the peoples we care about, not left out the back all alone and lonelies. We don’t even have to do much all the time, just being near our friends is enough.

Happiness is walkings and smelling and playings outside!

Happiness is walkings and smelling and playings outside!

2) Go on lots of fun walks.

Us doggies need to get out every day, to run and play and sniff and pee. Going out with your humans means we all gets to like each other more and gets on better. Sometimes the humans think I just ignores them when I’m out walkings, but that’s not true. I always knows where they are and sometimes I look up just to share a special moment with them. Walkings on your own is just no fun – there’s no one to throw the ball for you when you get to the grassy bits for starters!

Playing keeps you happy and young!

Playing keeps you happy and young!

3) Play a lot.

Us doggies like to play. It keeps us happy and exercised and entertaineds and stops us from getting boreds and doing stupid stuff instead. To keeps us doggies REALLY happy, the humans should play with us every single day. Preferably lots of times! That way us doggies will be happy AND think the humans are the best fun ever.

Hmm, chewies!

Hmm, chewies!

4) Eat nice foodbut not too much!

Doggies like to eat, but we don’t always know how much food is good for us. Some of us are big beggars, who knows how to use our bestest big eyes to reminds the humans that they should share with us. But the humans have to be strong and not give us too much food, ’cause us doggies aren’t always the most sensibles when it comes to eatings! We won’t be able to run or play properlies if we gets too fat!

You gots to enjoy every moment.

You gots to enjoy every moment.

5) Enjoy the good times when they come

Us doggies know how to enjoy a nice sunny day, or sleeping when it’s rainings, or playings in the snow. We don’t worries about what will happen tomorrow, ’cause there’s no point worryings about stuff that might never happen!


6) Take the time to just sit and sniff the breeze.
Us doggies knows that you don’t always have to be runnings around to enjoy yourself. Sometimes you just has to sit down and sniff the air and enjoy all the nice smells and the sun and watching the world go by. Having your humans sit and sniff the air with you is even betters!

I never worries about other people's opinions!

I never worries about other people’s opinions!

7) Don’t worries about what other peoples think of you.

Just try and be the best doggie that you can be and make your humans laugh!

 8) Get exciteds about little things

I goes for a walk every single day, but I still gets exciteds when the lead comes out, because today’s walk is going to be even better than yesterday’s, I just knows it!

Friends are importants!

Friends are importants!

9) Find friends wherever you can.

Friends can come in all shapes and sizes!

It's importants to recharge the batteries.

It’s importants to recharge the batteries.

10) Don’t forget to rest

Us doggies need to recharge our batteries so we can do more fun stuff laters!


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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