#37 – Doing scary stuff

It's OK to be scared of stuff, but you shouldn't let it stop you from trying new things.

It’s OK to be scared of stuff, but you shouldn’t let it stop you from trying new things.

The humans say I’m a bit of a wussy at times, but I likes to think of it as being carefuls!

The humans don’t ever seem to gets scared of stuff, but us doggies gets scared of stuff easilies. Lots of stuff that I used to think was scary wasn’t so bad when I actually did it, so it’s importants to try new stuff every now and agains. But the humans should be understandings too and not force you to do stuff if you’re really, really scareds of it.

I likes bridges now!

I likes bridges now!

When I first cames to live with humans, I was scared of walking across bridges. I know, it seems silly to me now too, but I was sure I was going to fall in! The humans didn’t realise at first and wondered why I suddenly decideds to try and run into the road whenever we crossed a bridge. Then the realised what the problem was and decided to help me to realise bridges were OK.

It's importants to get used to scary stuff slowlies.

It’s importants to get used to scary stuff slowlies.

So they took me to a small little bridge over a canal and lets me look at it and gaves me treats until I was OK with it. Then we moved on to bigger bridges and now I’m not scared of bridges at all. I even once walked over this really scary lock gate, that even made the humans nervous. Boy was I proud of myself!

Doing stuff that’s scary and realising that it wasn’t too bad and you managed it anyhows in spite of being a bit scareds is the BEST feeling and I always looks up at the humans after to make sure they noticeds how brave I was!

I'll just pretends I didn't see those horses there!

I’ll just pretends I didn’t see those horses there!

I’m really scared of horses too, luckily we hardly ever meets any, but every time we do, the humans thinks it’s a good chance to teach me something new and makes me look at the them from a safe distance while giving me treats. I thinks a safe distance would be not seeing or smellings them at all!

This is quite close enough, thank you!

This is quite close enough, thank you!

If you’re scared of stuff, gets the humans to start teaching you it’s OK a little bit at a time. If it’s a place, gets them to go up to just before it starts being scaring and stand arounds and gives you treats and keeps on getting closer bit by bit. And if it’s doing stuff, starts by just doing a bit of it and then doing more. That way, you’ll realises that it’s not as bad as you thought, because nothing bad happened after all and you might even decides that you likes it because everytime you see that thing, it means lots of yummy treats!

Horses are monsters and they always come and stares at me too!

Horses are monsters and they always come and stares at me too!

You’ll get to be a much braver doggie and feel really confident and proud if you can learn that stuff you were scared of isn’t so bad after all.

I’m still scared of horses though, boy are them monsters scaries!


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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