Busy weekend at the MADRA Dogathon

I'm so gratefuls and happies that you sponsored me for so

I’m so grateful and happies that you sponsored me for so much monies I could kiss you all!

Thank you humans!
Wowowsee! I’m so happies I could howls for you!
The humans tells me that I raiseds €700 in monies to help my fellow rescue dogs in MADRA. You humans are all wonderfuls and I loves you all!
I’m feeling so proud and importants, I just has to jumps around for joy!

Thank you from me and Oskar!

Thank you from me and Oskar!

It was a super, super busy weekend and I’m still tireds after it. I had to sleep and sleeps all day yesterday just to recovers, that’s how tireds I was! But it was all worth it, ’cause it was a great, great time.

Here I am to help!

Here I am to help!

First on Saturday I was helping to train the humans to teach their dog better in Petworld. Tom Tom was there too, he is a MADRA dog who helps like I do, with his human. I don’t always likes Staffies, ’cause some of them is too overexciteds and can be a bit scaries for me, but Tom Tom is OK. I likes to takes doggies as I finds them and not judges them on the way they looks.

Some doggies is just shameless!

Some doggies is just shameless!

Tom  Tom was kind of bad, cause he was greedies and kepts stealing chewies and hiding behind the counter to eats them so the humans wouldn’t see him! The humans told me No and Leave It and I listeneds, but he got to eat loads of chewies and I didn’t!

I was super good all day, except once I decideds I didn’t like a really bouncy doggie and I wanteds to tell it off. The humans said no, so I stoppeds, but then the doggie was STILL bouncing, so I trieds to sneak around the other side and tells it off that way. Them humans was paying too close attention to me though and the meanies mades me go and sit in my tent for 5 whole minutes with the flap closed until the annoying dog was gone! Not fair, I only wanteds to teach the other doggie to behave betters when out in public!

Then on Sunday I helped all day at the Dogathon and it was super busy!

Really nice place for walkings!

Really nice place for walkings!

I hadn’t been in the Claddagh Hall since last year, so I had forgottens what it was likes and I was a bit scareds in the beginning cause it was different and noisies and I just stayed in my tent and hids. But then all the lovely treats came out and I gots to meet lots of people and dogs. I recognised some of them that I met lots of times and likes, like my friend Bella, who is a Lurcher – I likes Lurchers, cause they’re really interestings!

I LIKES Bella, she's a nice dog.

I LIKES Bella, she’s a nice dog.

I got to meet a GIANT dog too, his name was Tadgh and the humans said he was a Wolfhound. He was a bit too scary though, so I just pretendeds I didn’t see him at all, in case he didn’t likes me!

I can hides in my tent if I get fed up or scareds

I can hides in my tent if I get fed up or scareds. I likes my tent!

There were LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of peoples and dogs, too many nearlies I thinks, cause us doggies don’t always likes big crowds like that. But everyone was really nice and friendlies and gots along and I could go into my tent if it gots to be too much.

I was helping the humans to sell lottery tickets and we were busy! Some nice peoples even came up and donateds money especially cause of Jasper! That made me feel really proud and importants and happies, cause it means I’m doing a really good job at helping people realise that rescue doggies like me are worth adoptings!

Lots of breaks are importants when you're workings!

Lots of breaks are importants when you’re workings!

The humans thought the whole walk would be too much for me with my ouchy knees, cause we already walkeds to the Claddagh, so we had a smaller walk after the big walk was gone off, cause the human was still busy when it was leavings.

I loves the smell of the sea!

I loves the smell of the sea!

I gots to smell the ocean and I really, really wanteds to go swimmings, but the human wouldn’t let me cause she says us doggies aren’t alloweds to go swimming there anymore. Apparentlies some peoples let their doggies go to the toilet all overs without pickings it up and now all the doggies aren’t alloweds to go and play on the beach, just cause of some bad owners. My humans have to pick up after me all the time, but they doesn’t minds, cause they says I’m worth it.

If I runs real fast, maybe the humans won't catch me!

If I runs real fast, maybe the humans won’t catch me!

I still trieds to run and get to the water before the humans could stop me, but they was paying too much attention to me – pity! But the humans have promised to takes me swimming, if it ever stops rainings again! If it rains like yesterdays, we’ll all be swimmings soon!

Having a break!

Having a break!

Then it was back for more workings, lots of poeple said “Hello Jasper, I knows you from Facebook”, I think I should start chargings the humans more treats for helpings soon, ’cause I’m famous now!

helping the humans is tirings!

Helping the humans is tirings!

I was really tireds by the time we got home. The humans gave me a nice chewies for helping so much and then I went straight to bed and went to sleep for the rest of the day. I loves helping, but boy is it tirings!

Oskar says thank you for helpings me collect monies too!

Oskar says thank you for helpings me collect monies too!

Don’t forgets, you can still donates even more monies to help MADRA rescue dogs – my idonate page is open for a whole month!

Linkie to donate here:


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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