#24 – Living with cats

Hanging out in the garden

Cats aren’t so bad once you gets used to them.

#24 – Living with cats
The humans are BIG softies, so I has to live with lots and lots of cats.

The humans didn’t sit down and decides to get a cat like they did ME, the cats all just showed up and the humans felt sorry for them and they ended up staying. I tolds you the humans were softies!

It’s OK to chase cats when you meets them out and abouts, cause it’s fun! The humans don’t likes it though and tells you to stop, so you got to start runnings before they can tell you to leaves it so you can pretend you can’t hear them!

You’re not allowed to chase your own cats unless they’re being mean to each others, THEN you can bark in their ears and chase them all you likes.

Jade and her babies

Cats aren’t so bad once you gets used to them.

Jade moved in after I cames, cause she thought any house that had a doggie should have a cat too. I did barks and barks at her, but she just ignoreds me and stayed puts cause she’s brave and was having babies and couldn’t be bothered with annoying doggies. Then she had the babies and I had to stay away from them when they were youngs, cause Jade was mean and scary if I went too close to them.

Oskar and Jasper

Cats aren’t so bad once you gets used to them.

So we’ve got Jade and her son Oskar. I likes them OK, but I wish Oskar likeds me less, cause he keeps coming in and rubbing himself against me and trying to sleeps with me and I likes my own space! But I has the last laugh now, cause one of the new cats really likes Oskar and does the same to him and he doesn’t likes it any more than I does!

They was very skinny cats when

Starving cat

They was very skinny cats when they first cames!

Last year, two new cats moveds in with us. I trieds to chase the them away when they first cames so they wouldn’t moves in, but the humans said they were starvings and tolds me to leave it, so I had to listens – I remembers what it’s like to be starvings too.


Cats aren’t so bad once you gets used to them.

The humans trieds to find other homes for them, but no one wanted them, so we had to let them move in. Cause every animal should have a proper home with peoples who take care of them. Now I have to lives with four cats and I’m only one doggie!

I don’t minds it so much though, cause I gets to go around and licks out FOUR sets of bowls now when they’ve finished eatings. It’s a tough job, but some doggie’s got to do it!

Crowded bed

Cats aren’t so bad once you gets used to them.

I wish they wouldn’t all try and steal my beds though, I ends up sleeping on the floor half the times!

Oh, the tip bittie?
If you’re trying to get used to living with cats, makes sure the huamans are keeping a close eye on you so that you don’t get carried aways and chases them or hurts them by mistakes. Putting you on a lead is good in case you forgets.

The humans should give you LOTS of treats for ignorings the cats and not barking so you’ll forgets about wanting to chase them. The cats should also have someplace to escapes to where they can feel safe. Starts by getting along for a little whiles and then practices spending more and more time togethers – you should never be left alones in the beginnings just in case.

Some doggies will never be able to forgets about chasing cats long enough to lives with them, both most if us can learns to put up with cats in our lives.

Oh, and stay away from mama cats with babies – mama cats are MEAN and SCARIES!

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About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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  1. anne says:

    I love Jasper!

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