#1 – Toilet Trainings

Toilet Training

This is how you does it properlies pupster!

#1 – Toilet training
Humans don’t like it if you do your business indoors and it can get awful smelly after a while!

I’m very good at going out nowadays, but when I was first here, my human brought me out every hour in case I hads to go, especially after dinner (hmm… dinner, yum!).

They knew that just letting me out in the garden alones was no good, as I’d get distracteds with all of the smells and forgets to go. So they’d go out with me and tell me I wus a good boy just for doing my business!

They also watched me to make sure I didn’t starts sniffing and circling in the house, as that’s what doggies do when they needs to do a number 2.

I likes to go on long grass, but all doggies are differents.

I still don’t likes going out to do my business when it’s raining, so the humans has to tell me to go ’cause I just wants to holds it in all day!

Here’s some good linkies to gives you humans some more ideas.


About jaspermadra

I am a rescue doggie who was saved by MADRA, a dog rescue based in Co Galway, Ireland. I was adopteds a long time ago and have a great life with my humans, so I does whatever I can to help the other doggies who aren't as lucky as me. You can find MADRA's website here: www.madra.ie
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