Visiting a new vet


I haven’t been able to enjoy my walkies as much as I used to ’cause my legs ALL hurt now…

Just between you and me, I got to admits I tries to like everybodies, but I hates the vets.
Not the peoples so much, ’cause they’re OK and I says hello properlies when I meet them any place but a vet practice. But I hates all of the pokings and proddings and I especially hates when they have to do operations on me.

I know, I know, they only do it to helps me, but it’s still scary and horribles and I has to stay there without the human too.


Vets are scaries…

I’ve gone to the same vet for evers and evers, ever since I got adopteds, but I’ve been feeling extra ouchies latelies, so the human decideds to bring me to a new special vet who knows all about bones to see if they could help me feel a bit betters.

You see, it used to be just my back legs, but in the last few years my front legs have gotten to feel ouchier and ouchier too and now I got really bad in the last few months. Which is no fun at all!


I loves the Geraldine human!

So, the human took the day off work, which was a nice start to the day. And then I got to go in the car with the wonderfuls Geraldine human. I likes her lots and lots, ’cause she’s really nice and always brings me fun places and gives me lovely snackies. She’s my third favourite human next to my human and grand-human and I always gets excited when she comes to see me.


This is what I think of vets…

So she drove me and my human all the way across town to the new vet. I didn’t realise that was where we was going, so I wasn’t worrieds. And even when we got there, I didn’t realise it was a vet, I thought it was just an interesting place where we got to sit and say hello to peoples. We always did lots of stuff like that for MADRA, so I’m used to it and didn’t think it was strange or get worrieds.

So everything was fine until the new vet came out and said – “Bring Jasper in please”. I realised right away that he was a vet, ’cause, just between you and me, all vets smell funny!

I got scareds then and tried to leave, so the human had to carry me in.

But it wasn’t so bad, the vet did the usual pokings and proddings and moving my legs to see if they creaks (they does, I could have told him that for nothings!), but he was very gentle about it.


You owes me big time human.

The worst bit was he decideds to take my bloods again, ’cause he wants the human to give me the anti-ouchie-inflammatory drug every single day instead of every other day and we need to make sure that my organs are still OK first. ‘Cause the human worries about giving it to me too much, ’cause it can have side effects like stomach problems and kidney damages and stuff. Which doesn’t sound nice, but I feel just fines on it and it’s better than having ouchy legs.

And would you believes, he took me into another room to take my bloods?! Away from my human! In my usual vets, the human always gets to stay with me unless they’re doing an operation, so I can tell you I was pretty worrieds! But it was OK, I’m tough so I don’t mind having bloods taken and then I got to go back to the human.


I’m not fat, honestly, just nicely covereds!

The very worst thing is that the vet said I am absolutely, definitely, not “just a little bit flabbies”, but overweights and I got to lose lots and lots and lots of weight ’cause I’ll feel much, much better if I does. He said I should ideallies be a bit underweight and the human says that means losing at least 4 KILOS! She says this time she’s going to shout at all the other humans if they gives me extra snackies and I’m not going to be alloweds any more treats at all. ‘Cause my human is really meanies about feeding me proper foods, but I sneaks in and steals the cat food and begs the bits that gets me fatters. Plus I’m not getting that much exercises any more, so I’m not burning any fattie bits off.

The vet said it was 100% most important to get the weight off if the human wants me to be more comfortables, ’cause dogs carry 65% of their weight on their front legs and the more weight I have, the more my legs will get ouchies. And if I’m a bit underweight, my arthritis will get better too.

So I think my sneaking around and beggings days are over for good…


It’s OK human, I forgives you!

My human is feelings a bit guilty and embarrasseds now, ’cause she’s always known I shouldn’t get fats, especially with ouchy legs. And she’s sorry now she wasn’t stricter with me and the other humans and kept telling herself that I was only a little bittie bit flabbies rather than really fat.

You see, when you lives with a few people, it’s easy for a clever doggie like me to begs off them all without the other humans realising. I know who’s the best targets for beggings at and everythings…

So, I think I’ll be starvings soon, ’cause all of the humans will refuse to feeds me if they knows I really am fatties.

So I’m not sure if I likes this new vets any better than the old vets, but I admits that I will be much happiers if my legs get betters… And the human says that’s the most important thingie, not my getting to eat snackies all day. I guess she got a point…


I wonder could a beg a bittie off of those poeple?

And at least we got to go for a nice treat after the vet, ’cause we drove out and had lunch by the sea side to make up for having such a hard mornings. The mean humans would only give me bits of salad and not the fatty stuff though – even when I trieds woofing at them…

But I did get a new teddy to makes up for having such a hard day too, so it wasn’t all bad!

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Testing a new activity toy


The people who make these new toys calleds K9 Connectables kindly sent MADRA some of them to try out to see if the doggies would likes them. Most of the doggies at the kennels don’t know how to explain stuff properlies like I does, so I was askeds to try them out too and see what I thought.


Puzzle toys are fun!

You see, I’m a bit of an expert in activity toys, ’cause I’ve been using them for years and years.


This toy is good fun!

I’ve had this super puzzle board for evers and evers and I like it lots. I’m good at it too, as you can see. I also got that new one at Christmastime, from the grand human, but that one is easy peasy and not so much fun.


Being boreds is not good for a doggie’s mind!

The idea of activity toys is that us doggies need to use our brains as well as runnings around to be happy and not get into troubles for chewings your shoes.

I agrees, us doggies do better if we are busy, especially younger ones. But activity toys are great fun for us older doggies too, because we can’t do too much runnings anymore, but we’re still interested in doing stuff. And they says that older people and doggies who keep their mind exercised stay smarter for longers.

I plans to stay smart for a long time to come!

So I likes the idea of intelligence toys a lot. Plus they always involves treats and I loves treats!


There’s lots of bitties you can stick togethers.

This one comes in lots of little bitties that you can stick together in different ways. It’s made out of rubbers, but not as hard as a Kong type rubber, kind of more squishies than that.

You can stick the treats so they stick out of the holes and the doggie has to pull them out. That’s pretty easies and I likes doing that.


Or you can fills treats into the bouncy bits, which attach to each other or the sticky bit. If the treats are small enough to fall out through the holes, that is perfectly fines and fun for me.

But you can also put in big treats and expects your doggie to takes the bits apart to get to eats them. I found this bit very frustratings!


I’ve had some of these toys since I was a pupster!

You see, I’m a careful doggie and likes to be gentle with my toys. So I can see how I coulds take them in my mouth and pulls until they comes off, but I can’t manages to do it! I tried pullings the ends, but they just didn’t moves.

So I trieds throwing the toy around in the hopes that they might comes apart if I did, but they are pretty well put togethers.

So I admits it, I starteds barking a bit in the hopes it might listen and fall apart for me!

I think if I was a bigger doggie I might manages better, maybe they will makes a small doggie version for us doggies with smaller mouths?!

Apart from that, I likeds the toy lots and I can see how you could do lots of fun stuff with it, likes stuffing it with my dinner like with a Kong.


The sticky bit is great fun for fetch!

And the bally bits all bounces nicely too. Plus the sticky bit in the middle is great for playing fetch. The human says it says on the packet that they all floats too, but I think I better not go swimming with it, ’cause I sometimes loses my toy when I’m swimming (the human says I’m too wussies, but I calls it being sensibles and not wanting to drown!) and that would be a real shame.

I thinks this toy would be especially good for Collies, ’cause they’re smart and needs to do lots of stuff and also got bigger mouths than I do!

But all kinds of doggies can have fun with this toy – even if they does end up barkings in frustration a bit!

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Another year of unwanted dogs

Guest blog by the human who needs to vent!tetris-1

So far in 2017, yes, as of today January 10th, we have taken in 16 dogs.
Which means, with the Christmas foster dogs also returning, we start the year under severe pressure for space yet again.
Every year, we start on an optimistic note and say this year will surely be the one that allows us to cut back on intake and run the kind of rescue that we dreamed of in the beginning. The one where we have time to actually train and enjoy the dogs, rehabiliatate the troubled ones, work with owners, spend some more time promoting responsible dog ownership… Play with puppies all day like the idealised image…

Instead, however, rescue is always more and more like a game of Tetris. They come in, you find a space for them, assess their needs, sort out their medical issues (few are vaccinated, let alone neutered and some have never known any kind of medical care in their lives), assess their behaviour, try to find them families.

And just like in the game, they come in faster and faster as time goes on.

Some are easy and slot neatly into their slots. Others are a bit sticky, but can be sorted out in time. Some have severe issues, be they emotional or medical and tie up kennel spaces, medical bills, time taken away from other dogs who also need you. Some dogs are just not appealing to people, be it due to age, breed, lack of interest in humans who have repeatedly let them down or due to being “just another Collie”.
Our longest stay dog last year was literally there for all of 2016.

All of this of course takes its toll on the people involved in rescue. Be it us volunteers who give far more of our spare time to rescue than we should for the good of our own dogs, our jobs, our studies, our health, our emotional well being, our relationship with those nearest and dearest to us. Or the few overworked and underpaid staff, who quite often also end up being volunteers on the side as things need to be done and there are not enough hours in a day to do them.

MADRA has amazing support from a lot of wonderful people who we can never thank enough. It’s due to those people that we are able to keep going, in spite of a constant shortage of funds, of time, of space.

However, we do often feel like Sisyphus at times, doomed to roll the same rock up that same hill for eternity, as every year sees the same march of dogs coming in, from the pound, from wandering, as owner surrenders.

As it becomes clear that, while Ireland has taken a huge step forward in the awareness of animal welfare over the last 11 years since MADRA started, the same old attitudes are still out there and dogs are still seen as disposable commodities by so many.

That some people still put less thought into getting a dog than they do into buying a new smart phone and that they value them even less – no one has ever let their iPhone take a stroll around the block and been surprised when it didn’t come home after all.

There are many rewards to being in rescue, especially the happy dogs who are alive today because of us. Who at this stage number in the thousands.
Seeing them and their happy families does make it all worthwhile.

But I must admit to feeling just a little like Groundhog day as we face another year of unwanted dogs…

Maja, Jasper’s human, MADRA volunteer since 2009


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MADRA Christmas Appeal

D7K_2262 copy

Happy Christmastime! Thanks to Tracy Kirby for the photo.

Hello humans!
The human couldn’t decides what kind of nice present she should get me for Christmas this year, ’cause she says I got enough stuff alreadies. So she says, instead of buying me more stuff that I don’t needs and wasting her monies, she’s going to make a donation to MADRA in my name instead.

I wasn’t that sure about it reallies, ’cause us doggies can be a bit selfish about sharings our stuff.


I admits, I got lots and lots of toys alreadies!

But then I thoughts some more and realised that I can always use my big eyes to get the human to get me more chewies, so I don’t needs her to buy me those for Christmas. And I got lots and lots and lots of toys, even I got to admits that! And we all knows that there’s always lots of doggies that need to be helped just like I was long, long ago.
So, I had to agree with the human.

But it did give me an idea…


Fundraising is an importants job.

I bet there are lots and lots of you humans who have got the same problem as my human and can’t decides what to buy people. And we got lots and lots of doggies needing help ’cause they don’t even got homes, let alone chewies and toys to share with their humans. All that rescuing doggies costs lots and lots and lots of monies you know.


Feeding that cat is expensives you know!

I mean my human always complains about how expensive looking after me is and I’m just one doggie (actually, she usually complains more about the cats, but we won’t go into that as it’s Christmas and you’re supposed to be nicer at Christmas!). So you can imagine how much rescuing some 800 doggies a year costs!

So I had a brilliant idea!

Jasper bucket

Please help feeds my friends in MADRA!

I decideds that my Dogathon collectings in the spring goes so well that I would try it for Christmas too, except this time I would give all you people who can’t decides what to buy the other humans (or your doggies!) the chance to donates some monies in their honour. I can then send them an email wishing them a Happy Christmas on your behalf and thanking them for helping us doggies. (You’ll have to give me the email address though, ’cause I can’t do magic!)

So pretty please wonderful human, if you want to donates to MADRA instead of giving a present, please follow the linkie here: Jasper’s Christmas Fundraiser



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#85 – Fight for your right to mooch!


We already got some stupid laws, but they wants to make it for all spaces all the time now!

Humans, I need your help!


What do you mean I might never get to mooch off lead again?! We’ll kill each others!

Last week, I heard the most terrible news evers! The humans in charge of all the lovely places we likes to go to on our walks are planning a really stupid new law! You’re not going to believes this, but they wants to stop all doggies in Galway City from EVER being alloweds off the lead in publics!!! I mean reallies, can you think of a worse thing to come up withs?!


Even us old doggies likes a bit of freedom!

You might say that I’m an old doggie and I don’t really needs to run and play anymores, so it doesn’t affects me as much as the young doggies. This may be a little bittie true, but I still likes to mooch without being tied to the human.


Swimmings is definitely better off lead.

And I likes to go swimmings, which doesn’t work very well on a lead you know humans! It was tangly enough when we trieds putting a rope on the toy so I didn’t keep losing them! And how is a doggie meant to chase bubbles on a lead?! Getting over exciteds and leads do not go together very well, thank you all the same!

When I was still young and crazies, I know I would have gone insanes if I never got to play properlies – you humans are too slow to be tieds to all of the time!


Moochings is importants to keep doggies happies..

I asked the human why on earth would anyone want to come up with a stupid law likes that?! And she said she didn’t know, but that some peoples don’t like us doggies and think we shouldn’t be alloweds anywheres. And some people are afraid of us and think that we should stay at home in case they someday wants to walk along that little doggie walking place where you never meets anyone except people with doggies and gets scareds. I think that’s a selfish attitudes if you ask me! I mean, I’m scareds of horses, but I still admits that they should be alloweds to be outside and not lockeds away all day. I’ll just stay away from where they goes and that way everyone is happies.

I don’t know why peoples think that we need any more laws than those we got alreadies?


One doggie, walkings happily and listening to the human when she says “wait”.

There’s already a law that says that doggies have to be under the effective control of our humans when outside. That doesn’t mean on a lead, that just means that us doggies got to not bothers other peoples and doggies and come back to our humans and not run in front of cars and stuff. Sensible stuff like that, not: “Doggies got to be led along on a rope and never gets to play properlies unless their human owns a field.”.


Moochings happily. Bothering no ones.

I never bothers anyone when I’m out mooching off leads. I know we sometimes pass peoples who don’t like doggies, but guess what – I got no time for people who don’t likes me, so I just ignores them. I only say hello to nice people with other doggies.


Happy to be on lead when there’s lots of peoples.

The human puts me back on the lead when we walks past people with young kids, ’cause she knows they might be scareds (or I might be scareds!) and she puts the lead back on when we walks past other doggies on the lead alreadies, ’cause it’s not fair on the other doggie otherwise. And she keeps an eye on me and make sure she picks up my poos so other peoples don’t step in them.

So why do we needs more laws?!

And I haven’t even mentioneds the worst bit yet.
They say all what they calls dangerous breeds should never go anywheres at all, even on lead, except the pavement! There’s no such thing as dangerous breeds humans! All doggies is different!

It’s not even likes they enforces the laws they made alreadies. I know for a fact it’s illegals for a doggie to roam by himself, but we sees doggies doing it all of the time!


Please fight for my right to mooch!

So please lovely humans, tell the humans in charge that us doggies should get the chance to play and mooch and sniff and play ball off lead! Think of the youngsters coming up behind me if you don’t think of me…

PS: I know it’s been ages since I posted anythings, but that was the human’s fault, not mine. You see, when she’s finished with workings, she says she doesn’t feel like writings my stories for me, ’cause she’s been sitting in front of a computer all day alreadies. So I got no one to dictates to!

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A little movie about when I was rescueds!

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#84 – Busy life (and thinking about endings)


Helping at the Dogathon!

Hi all you lovely humans. I know I’m lates with updatings you all after my super duper collectings for the Dogathon and everything.


I loves you all humans!

First of all, I has to say a great big, big BIG thank you again, as I still can’t believes that I collecteds an amazing €1,565 in monies for my fellow MADRA dogs. That was three times more than I collecteds last year! I am feeling really proud and appreciateds and thanfuls thanks to you lovely humans.

One of the reasons I haven’t updateds earlier is ’cause I’m worn out with all of the events that I’ve been helping with.


The Dogathon was hard work!

First there was the Dogathon, which was lovelies.

I got to say hello to all my fans and meet lots of dogs, including lots and lots of lovely MADRA dogs with the lovely humans who adopteds them.

That bit is always nice, but exhaustings I can tell you. I had to have a nap half way just to get through the day, ’cause I’m not as young as I used to be.


Meeting lots of nice nurses with Bella, Stella and Radar.

Then last week, I helpeds by attending the IVNA Irish Veterinary Nurses Association conference in Salthill. I met lots of nice vet nurses there (I likes them all much better when they’re not pokings me like at the vet!) and got to hang out with my friends Bella and Stella and that mad blind looper of Edel’s, Radar.


Radar thinks everything is a chewy toy!

I has to admits I usually end up telling Radar off, ’cause he can be pretty annoyings.

And that day was no exception, but I has to admits that he has improveds a bit since the last time I met him. I only had to give out to him after a while, instead of right away like I used to.

You see, that dog has no manners at all. My ears are not chewy toys, you young whippersnapper!


Helping sell MADRA merchandise by showing how comfy the beds are!

So, all that was exhaustings and I’ve had to catch up on my sleep all week afterwards.


Honestly, I’m perfectly fines!

This weekend, the human had a bit of a scare about me and it’s left her feeling all sentimentals.

You see, it was time for Jade’s boosters at the vet, so the humans asked me if I wanteds to come, “just for the walk”, she saids.
Now, I never says no to a walk, so I said OK. I wasn’t so happy about it at the other end though, ’cause I remembereds that I don’t likes going to the vet.
Anyhows, the human tricked me, ’cause she said while I was there the vet might as well have a quick look at me and check why my legs are so ouchies latelies.

You see, I’ve been feeling a bit extra slow and ouchies and more like an old man latelies.

Jasper at vet.jpg

Wait a minute, I remembereds I hates the vet!

So next thing I know, I was up on that horrible examination table and the vet was doing uncomfortable things to my legs again.

That was fine with the human, but then the vet starteds poking my stomach and mutterings about big stomachs and possible water retention and listening to my heart.


I am in perfectly fine health as long as I takes it easy, thank you Mr Vet!

Now, I knows I feels perfectly OK apart from my legs being ouchy and so should the human, ’cause she sees that I’m perfectly happies when we’re not going for walkies.

But I could tell she was getting worrieds, even though she always tries to pretends that everything is just fine so I don’t get worrieds too.


Blood tests?! No thank you!

Anyhows, before you all gets worrieds too, my heart is just fine!

The human and the vet did agrees though that they’re going to give me some blood tests in July when I go in for my boosters, just to make sure my other bits are still working properlies too. I don’t likes the sound of that, especially after Jade told me about the horrible times she had when they tested her bloods! But the human tells me I am bravers and better behaveds than a cat and I got bigger veins too, so it won’t be so bad. I don’t know if I trusts her though… But I needs to help her stop worryings, so I guess I has to do it.

I also got to take these anti-inflammatories for a good bit now too, ’cause just taking all those supplements and natural stuff isn’t keeping me comfortable enough anymore. The human says she doesn’t like it, but it’s better than seeing me be extra ouchies.


Can you two smuggle me out your leftovers for me please?!

But the worst thing is that they decideds the big stomach bit was me getting fatters and the human telling me that from now on, there will be a zero tolerance policy in place towards stealing left over cat foods. I’ll probably starves now…


I know, I know, you loves me!

Anyhows, the human has been acting all over-sentimenatals ever since we went to the vet.

She’s been tellings me that she loves me (I knows that human, it’s hard to miss!) and that I am a good doggie (I knows that too..) and that she was really, really lucky to have had me in her life – I’m not dead yet human!

She also says I’m the best doggie she ever had, but I happen to know for a fact that I’m the only doggie she ever had, so that doesn’t mean as much as it might really!


Not more cuddles?!

But on the upside, she did decides that she needs to spoil me more while she got the chance. So I got a nice new teddy and a nine pack of bubbles!


Come on human, we still got lots and lots of fun to have before we goes anywhere!

And on Sunday she decideds that we deserveds a nice afternoon for just the two of us and we went swimmings in the Jasper chariot.
That’s more like it I says! You can keep all that sentimentals stuff, give me action instead.


Swimming like a two year old!

Anyhows, I proveds to her that my heart is just fine, thank you very much.


I could swim all day!

I swam non stop for half an hour and would happilies have swum for another half an hour, but the human said we hads to pace ourselves, ’cause we’re not as fit as we useds to be. Speak for yourself human –  I wasn’t even out of breath after!

Jasper chariot.jpg

A sensible conveyance for the older dog with no car!

The human has hardly taken the Jasper chariot out since we got it, ’cause she says that peoples laugh and give her funny looks and say stupid stuffs. But she says she’s going to ignores them in future, ’cause having a good time with your doggie while he’s still able is more importants than stupid peoples.

I got to say I agrees with her there!


There’s no point in worryings about stuff you can’t do anything about human!

Anyhows, I don’t know how long I’ll lives, but apart from my legs I feel just fine, so I reckons I could keep on going for a long, long time yet.

But I knows one thing, worryings about it is not going to help at all.

So I’m just going to enjoy myself and carry on having as many good times as I can for as long as I can.

After all, we could all drop deads in the morning at any time, so there’s no point worryings, ’cause we could all lives to be twenty (or a hundreds for you humans) as well. It’s all luck in the end…

Human, you know I loves you too, but you also knows I don’t goes in for all that smoochy stuffs!

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